Creating a Great App

The Android smartphone revolution will not have made to the level of success it currently attains without the capable support of Android application ecosystem, which has been frequently modified to cater to the needs of app developers.

Unlike Windows Phone (which has hardware limits) and BlackBerry 10, Android being a Linux based open source platform offers an interface that is not only user-friendly but also an exciting platform to work on.

Google has been developer-friendly with its Google Play app store, which comprises of unlimited apps and even today, we say more and more app developers are to join the wagon due to its monetary benefit as well as popularity.

While most of the developers know their way to create a good app but here are some points that may enable you to master the trade of being a successful app developer.

Learn the basics: App developers do not fall from the sky, they are very much the software engineers who have the know-how to work around complex codes. To create a popular app, developers should be knowing SQL, XML and Eclipse, that enable them to develop an app with better visual effects, storage and functionality.

Use latest development kits: Developers need to make sure that they use the latest SDK (Software Development Kit). The updated kits allow developers to create a bug free app, which is ready for availability.

Less power consuming app: Apps generally should not consume too much of power. It does not matter whether the app is paid or free but developers need to make sure the app does consumer power more than the hardware, as over powered apps will lead to low battery life.

Apps for all screen sizes: When you have a tablet, smartphone available in varied display sizes, developers should make it a point that the app they create is available on different screen versions that will result in higher app adoption.

Test the app before release: Developers should test the app before making it available on the app store. This process basically confirms that all the functions are working up to the mark.

Price it right: Smartphone/ tablet apps need to be priced at an affordable mark to guarantee the app succeeds with users. You also have free apps but in most cases the pricing of an app is determined by its functionality, which differs from app to app.

Happy coding 🙂