Thesis Work Service, as the name suggests we at AyvoTech assist the research scholars in collating and preparing their research paper in professional manner.

While they focus on their research topics, we help them in,

visiting different places if need to be click pictures, organize in a professional manner into a document,
Prepare Survey Forms on paper or digital (as per the requirement)
Collate the survey data into Charts and Tabular Data Sheets,
Searching authentic data and images from internet for free to reuse in their projects.

Typesetting & Design, as the name suggests this includes general typing work for reports, thesis, research papers, official paper work, legal communication, affidavit or rent / sale deed writing.

This also includes designing scrapbooks or article collection scrapbooks, poetry collection books in pre-publish phase.
Home or Office Decor inspirational quotes’ poster/banner designing.
Stationary like Desktop Calendars, Wall Calendars, Visiting Card / Letter Heads for office or personal use.
Digital Stationary Designing like Wall-Papers, Presentation Templates and Email Newsletter Designing.
Corporate / Personal Advertisement designing
Writing out your concepts for interior design for office / living room / kitchen, etc, to present it to the concerned architect / designer.