Objective: To enable student/parent be competitive in studies without worrying about budget overheads due to computer science subject at primary school level.

Conventional Schooling methods making way for Smart Schools have put an extra responsibility on parents to guide/assist kids about the new subject – “computer science”. Not every parent is that tech-savvy or say does not have enough time to guide the kid. To this we at AyvoTech have introduced this “School Projects & Assignments” service to assist parents / kids to achieve success in computer science subject.

The Computer subject normally includes

Basic Computer Terminology,
Document Processors like MS Word or MS Excel, Graphics,
Presentations like Graphics, Text, Animation or Audio/Video clips.
The students are often assigned to make projects in these or otherwise for the various events, annual functions or camps at the school.

With this “School Projects and Assignments” service, we understand the idea from student / parent and help them execute it in better way, saving them botheration and expenses of buying computer, required licensed software and hardware peripherals like scanner, camera, printer etc.

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We also offer Personalised Sessions and Vacation Workshops for parents / students to posses awareness about computer, internet and related technologies.

Technology specifically, IT and Web aka computers is now so much integrated into our lives, that the younger generations are getting exposed to these at very early age. The computers knowledge is must in almost every career today. Hence the computer science as a subject has been introduced even at the primary classes in schools.

For bright and extra ordinary students it is okay, however those who cannot afford to have computer or web enabled device at home for practice we have introduced this “School Projects and Assignments” service to help those students with their Projects and Assignments.

By this we does not mean to replace the student’s self study or self practice, but only assist in the same.

The families being tech-savvy now-a-days do help their kid with their knowledge, however still the professional guidance is must.

In this era, where everything has technology involved some way or the other. Education to all enables quick and stable progress of society. Following this noble thought we at AyvoTech have introduced this service.

The competition has become so high that the students are so stressed due to this. Some are so passionate about academics that they consider the extra curricular activities as extra liability. The students so engrossed and focus into preparing for entrance exams that they do not have enough time for projects or responsibilities of extra curricular activities. To solve this we at AyvoTech have introduced “College Assignments and Projects” service, in this we take requirements and idea from the student and execute the assignments, presentations on their behalf. We also help them prepare for real presentation.

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College projects include

NSS College Camp presentations
Annual Day Poster making
C / C++ Project Files
C Graphics File
Full fledged working project using Visual Basic / Java / C or C++
Library Management
Member Management
Project Management
Inventory Management
Point Of Sale (POS) System
Guest Book Management
Appointment / Schedule Management
Expense Management
Core Java Projects
HTML/CSS/JS based projects
Designing and Graphics projects using Corel Draw / Photoshop
Visiting Card / Letter Head
Poster Making for Blood Donation Camp, Tree Plantation
NSS Camp Achievements Collage Poster
NSS Camp Achievements Presentation
Image Portraits
Logo / Banner Assignments