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AYVO means PURE in greek language.

We are here to provide you the pure Solutions for your IT (Computer, Internet, SmartPhone Mobiles) issues.

Similarly, in punjabi pronunciation AAYE (ay) VEOVEE (VO) means, this n that or in one word “Everything” about technology be it computers, laptops, software, windows, internet, smartphone mobiles in this modern world for you in ‘simple’ n ‘easy’ friendly way.

AyvoTech is like a tree from the root to leaves / fruits (children to elder people) anybody anytime anywhere need any help Ayvo is there. It’s our duty to help you in whichever situation you are. Our services include variety of tasks like Stationary Designing, School College Projects, Mobile n Laptop Skin Designing, Computer Tutorials, Computers for Rent and so on.

AvyoTech guides school and college students in there computer and other projects. We also provide basic computer learning along with effective usage of internet. Ayvo help collegiate for there assignments and thesis typing, printing and binding, in addition to Presentation designing.

AyvoTech helps in hardware n software setup like computer formatting, data recovery and backup and keep it virus free.

AyvoTech assist you in deciding the best SmartPhone, Laptop, PC by understanding your user patterns. We also come with you to market for survey.

AyvoTech is for old people those want to learn computer so they talk with their wards staying away in other cities, states or countries.

In short AyvoTech serves age groups. AyvoTech provides many services to clients for example Printing, Typing, Translations, Designing, Hardware & Software, many more. So friends whenever you have any problem just remember IT friend Ayvo.

We are just a call away, or whatsapp us at 91 9465657868.

We assure prompt quality regularly in all kind of tasks.

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